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Who we are...

The Apparel Human Resources Council (AHRC) was formed as a result of conclusions drawn from the study "Human Resources Needs Analysis of the Canadian Apparel Industry: Issues and Recommendations". how to deposit money in expert option After extensive consultation with employer and employee representatives, the formation of an employer-union body to assist management and labour in achieving their human resources objectives was recommended.


Supported by initial operating funding from the federal Department of Human Resources Development (HRDC), the AHRC is a national, industry-led, independent, non-profit organisation representing and serving the human resources development and adjustment needs of managers and employees in the apparel manufacturing industry. expert options review It is managed by a private sector Board of Directors equally representative of employers and employees. Through the AHRC, management, labour, provincial and national industry associations, government departments, educational institutions and other stakeholders work in partnership to address a wide range of issues including training and development, education, adjustment issues, communications, and enhancement of the industry's image.

Our mandate

To plan, develop and implement a human resources strategy that supports the long-term competitiveness of Canada's apparel manufacturing industry and meets the developmental needs of its workforce. iq expert option